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Free delivery in Ukraine from 2 puzzles
free delivery in Ukraine from 2 puzzles

Aesthetic puzzles

with Ukrainian artists 

Let's make puzzles cool again

Designed to help you recharge and disconnect from gadgets. Ideal for everyday play and relaxation.

Explore the new collection

We have collected the best Ukrainian artists who are endowed with their superpowers. Each puzzle is a strengthening of confidence in ourselves and in our victory.

Charity puzzles,
which bring our victory closer

We send 500 hryvnias from each puzzle to support Ukrainians

from Nadia Kushnir

Together withgus_brandand illustratorNadjozna we have created the goodness of the SUPERGOOSE puzzle.

Limited edition, only 200 pcs. 



collection of UAH 100,000 for supportSuperhumans Center

This is a state-of-the-art prosthetics, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation center in Lviv, which was created by caring businessmen and doctors, where wounded soldiers are given "wings" again.

from Marie Kinovich

Independence is not just a term or a day on the calendar. This is the value from which Ukraine begins, what poets and writers praised before us and what will be remembered after us. 

This illustration shows that being independent has never been easy for us, but without this struggle we would never have become what we are today, the Ukrainian nation.

рука, що тримає коробку із пазлом

Your balance

Collecting puzzles helps to reduce the level of stress, and also stimulates brain activity, increases the level of concentration and attention. Both hemispheres of the brain begin to work in balance. It brings order to your life.

люди збирають пазли за столом

Better together

Like people, puzzles are better together. When they complement each other, creating a single whole. A difficult, at first glance, task helps to understand that any goal or dream can be achieved in small steps, one detail at a time. Nothing is impossible.

рука тримає одну з деталей пазлу

Favorite game

Puzzles are an opportunity to slow down time and feel like a child. A carefree little one who doesn't need to rush anywhere. Even if the puzzle does not end. You can do it one on one with yourself, or you can do it with friends. 500 parts will be enough for everyone.

"One evening I remembered that there were puzzles and that it was cool to put them together. I went to find where they bought it. On all puzzle sites, everything was stupid and boring. Then I thought that there can be no such thing as no one making cool puzzles. I went to insta and by request
you were my first with puzzles!"

Dasha Pushechnikova 

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